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World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

After studying sustainability and environmentalism, I wanted to get my hands dirty.

I also had a travel bug to quell.
WWOOF links volunteers with organic farms and growers. I found a WWOOF opportunity at a yoga center and holistic community called Sunshine House in Evia, Greece!  I helped cook, clean, and tend to the farm for over a month. I learned new skills and sustainable living practices, like waste reduction and resource efficiency. I also met some of the most insightful people I have ever known, from many different corners of Europe and the United States.  I left Greece as their economic crisis began appearing in the media, and saw firsthand how important farm communities are to the local economy and quality of life. It was an eye-opening and invaluable experience.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity has been close to my heart since I went on my first mission trip to Seabrook Island, SC in 2008. Since then, I have volunteered in John's Island, SC, New Orleans, and El Salvador. Habitat for Humanity provides families with tools to get back on their feet: a home, education about financial management, employment opportunities, and community support groups. Working with families who face hardship put me in touch with how much need exists in the world.  I will continue to support Habitat for Humanity and their life-changing projects.

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